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dann frazier & Bob Clendening

Team Left Hand CO Team Left Hand Bike MS: Colorado 2024


I'm biking across the USA to help find a cure for MS

Update: Hello from Montana! You can follow along with my progress on Instagram, on my blog, and strava. You can also see Bob and Sammie's updates on his Instagram.

On June 8th I'll start a journey from the Oregon coast to Virgina Beach on a bicycle. Along the way I'll be raising funds to support research through the MS Society. I have a sibling and a family friend that live with this disease. Medical advances in understanding and treating this disease have convinced me that it is possible to drastically improve what it means to live with this disease in my lifetime.

On this trip I'll have vehicle/moral support courtesy of my buddy Bob and his dog Sammie. And of course this wouldn't be possible without my partner Whitney, who has been "in" from the first time I suggested this, and will be single parenting 3 poorly trained rescue dogs while I pedal.

Please help support this mission by contributing!


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