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Are you ready to travel? The Bike MS Passport Rider Program provides cyclists with the unique opportunity to see the open farmlands of the Midwest, ride through a traffic-free Manhattan, take in the views of the California coast, explore the rocky shores of Maine and more.

When you become eligible for this program, you’ll be able to secure your spot at any Bike MS ride for the following year and receive extraordinary perks along the way.


"I have been riding in Bike MS since 2000 and have been a Passport Rider since 2010. I have attended over 110 Bike MS events and have completed 50 century rides in 50 states. My wife, Linda, is also a Passport Rider and has completed over 50 rides herself. I guess you could say she and I have taken the Passport Program to the max! What better way to consistently fundraise, stay committed to the cause, promote the program, support Bike MS, build relationships and see the United States?"

Bruce, Passport Cyclist from Bike MS: PGA Tour Cycle to the Shore

Bike MS Rider: Bruce          Bike MS Rider: Linda



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