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Volunteers Power Bike MS

Interested in volunteering for the Valero Ride to the River?

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Volunteer Opportunities

Skilled Volunteer Positions

*“Skilled Volunteer Positions” refers to volunteer roles which often requires additional training, background or motor vehicle checks, and time commitments.

Bike Police | Communications - Amateur/HAM Radio Operators | Medical Support Team | Motorcycle Marshal | Ride MarshalSAG DriversSupply Truck Drivers 

Bike Police

Bike Police are volunteer riders and certified law enforcement officers who serve along the route implementing safety protocol, directs traffic and assists other cyclists when needed. These special volunteers will receive a distinctive POLICE BIB # for the ride and may be called upon for assistance at any time along the route. Assistance may be needed for any riders, EMS officials, event officials or other law enforcement officers working the route. While it's not mandatory to ride both days, it's greatly appreciated. Email for more information on how to sign up.

Communications - Amateur/HAM Radio Operators

Amateur radio operators form the primary communications network for the Valero Ride to the River. Operators are assigned to several different groups or stationed at different locations along the route. This is a one or two day commitment, depending on your location. Email for more information on how to sign up.

Medical Support Team

*This volunteer position includes Bike Medics and First Responders

The medical support team is made up of volunteers who provide medical assistance along the Bike MS route on event weekend. The medical support team will staff first aid stations at rest stops, lunch, overnight location, finish line and more. Additionally, medical support team members will staff First Responder vehicles along the route to assist with on route incidents. The level of care will usually be BLS, but can include BTLS and ALS. Medical support volunteers must have a minimum of ECA or greater- BTLS, ACLS and any other specialty certifications are welcomed. Affiliation with a fire department, EMS service or hospital is not required but some pre-hospital experience is preferred. Medical support volunteers will have BLS as well as BSI items available. Communication is via cell phone to the event's Command Center. Email for more information on how to sign up.

Ride Marshal

Ride Marshals are registered cyclists who act as both Good-Will and Safety Ambassadors for Bike MS. Ride Marshal applicants must be 18 years of age, be passionate and knowledgeable about safe cycling, and be willing to work with fellow cyclists to promote safe cycling. Ride Marshals must have completed at least two Bike MS events within five years. Email for more information on how to sign up.

SAG Drivers

Background check required; Department of Motor Vehicles check required (if driving), online driver safety course required, experience as a HAM Radio Operator is strongly encouraged.

SAG Driver duties include shuttling participants along the route via MS Society-rented vans. Proof of current driver's license and automobile insurance required. Background check required. Email for more information on how to sign up.

Supply Truck Drivers

Drive, load, and unload trucks carrying supplies along the route. Moderate-to-heavy lifting may be required. Drivers with commercial licenses or experience driving high profile vehicles is preferred but not required. All Drivers must be a minimum of 23 years old to drive an event vehicle. Email for more information on how to sign up.


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