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Welcome to the ride of a lifetime, Rookie! If you’re looking for an opportunity to drive lasting, life-changing breakthroughs, you’ve come to the right place. We couldn’t be happier to have you here.

Thank YOU for Riding!

I Ride with MS"70+ years of MS amongst us. No canes, no walkers, none of it. BUT, not everyone is as lucky. And trust me, we know that, and we carry that, and we think about it often. Yes, the face of this disease is changing (20+ treatment options in less than 30 years), but many get hit hard before those advancements can ever come into play. That’s why we ride and run and bug everyone we know to donate. I’m beyond grateful for these three mentors. And while I know I can never pay them back, I will do my best to pay it forward every chance I get."

– Jon Franko, I Ride with MS Cyclist


Things I Wish I Knew My First Year at Bike MS
(Tips from our Veteran Riders)

riding to the finish line

  1. Attend the Rookie Rider Meet Up — It sets you up for success your first season with everything you need to know leading up to ride weekend including fundraising tips and training tips. Plus, it’s virtual! Check out the Ride Details page for meeting info.
  2. Bike MS is not just one event weekend! It’s a welcoming community with season-round opportunities to connect. Attend in-person events to meet AWESOME Bike MS staff and fellow riders and your ride weekend will feel like a family reunion — minus the drama! Visit the Ride Details page for upcoming pre-ride events.
  3. Fundraising doesn’t have to be overwhelming—there are so many resources like the Bike MS App and Facebook Fundraising to make our lives easy! We promise, the Fundraising Toolkit page of the website will be your new best friend.  
  4. Did we mention the swag?! The more you raise, the more lives you change and the more prizes you can earn! PLUS, if you’re one of our top fundraisers this season, you can flaunt the most coveted item of all: a local Club K prize jersey! Check out the Clubs & Incentives page for the fundraising levels and prizes.
  5. Start training now. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or new to the sport, VeloPro, the official training partner of Bike MS will get you ready to tackle your ride like a champ.  VeloPro learns about you, your goals and schedule and then creates a training plan that continuously adapts to your performance. 
  6. Padded shorts are NOT overrated—your butt will thank you later! 
  7. Make sure you check out the Ride Details page where you’ll find info like the event schedule and routes and maps. Or better yet, bookmark that page and check back often! All key event day info lives there.

See you at the finish line!

Team at the finish

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