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Impact & Mission

Why We Walk MS

Walk MS is the largest gathering in the MS movement. Our community has raised over $1 billion to fuel the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s mission to cure MS while empowering people affected by MS to live their best lives. 

While there are many ways to Walk MS – from in-person events to designing your own event-day experience – all routes lead to a world free of MS. Join the movement to change the world for everybody affected by this disease.

Every Step and Dollar Makes a Difference

No one has to face MS alone. Walk MS brings us together to cure MS for every single person—as fast as possible. Whether you walk, volunteer or donate, everyone has the power to change the world for people with MS. See the strength of our movement.

Thanks to you, we keep moving forward.

Learn more about our progress and what we're doing right now to end MS forever.

See Your Impact

Pablo at the finish line“In the beginning, I felt alone.  And that's when I heard there was a MS Walk.  Just seeing everyone who has MS, I thought 'wow I'm not alone'.  People are stronger than one.  Together, we can participate and inspire people and other generations to do their part.  Show us that you support us, that you're with us, that we're not alone.  It's everyone's fight, and we're fighting together.”
- Pablo, diagnosed 2013, Team Pav

The next step you take could be the last in our journey toward a world free of MS. Build your team in your community and join the movement. 

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