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There’s nothing like being on top of the world with a team, so we’re breaking down everything you need to know to bring passionate people together for a powerful purpose – from how to start a team to tips for success.

Team Types 

 Teams participate in Hike MS in 1 of 3 ways… 

  • Friends and Family – Anyone can join your team! Family members, friends, friends of friends or even neighbors. Come together to enjoy a special experience and support a great cause.
  • Corporate – Corporate teams are connected to a company and are usually made up of employees and their friends and family. Hike MS is a wonderful way to boost morale and get your co-workers away from their desks, united in a common goal.
  • National – National teams make an even greater impact by supporting National MS Society events across the country. National teams are provided with a dedicated Society corporate liaison, webpage and a suite of resources and tools to help maximize fundraising results. With teams like Starbucks, Salesforce & Friends, and UPS, you know you’re in good company. 

To find out how you can make your team go national, email or visit our National Teams page on

Start a Team

1. Register

You can easily start a team when you register for Hike MS. If you're already registered as an individual but want to join or start a team, contact Fundraising Support at or 855-372-1331.

2. Set a team fundraising goal to motivate your team

3. Customize your team page

Team captains who personalize and frequently update their team page fundraise, on average, five times more than those who do not. Use your Fundraising Center to:

  • Update your team goal
  • Update and personalize your team page
  • Send recruitment and team emails
  • Track your progress
  • Manage your roster
  • Connect your fundraiser to Facebook
  • And so much more!

4. Recruit

Ask anyone and everyone to join your team! Remember, there is strength in numbers – teams of 6 or more make a greater impact in fundraising.

Team Success

 Now that you have the right tools and a goal in mind, it's time to bring your ideas to life. Team success looks different to everyone – no matter what it is, we're here to get you where you want to go.


Don't set limits on how big your team can grow. In fact, teams of six or more raise 80% of all team donations.

  • Want someone to join your team? Just ask. You'll never know unless you ask.
  • Use our bank of images and videos to help engage others to join your team.
  • People can join your team even if they won't be there event day or won't be hiking. Have them sign up as virtual hiker.
  • Set up an informational meeting at your company to get your co-workers involved. A representative from your local National MS Society office can even speak at your meeting!


Fundraising is easy if you know the right tips and tricks!

  • First rule of fundraising: Make it personal. Fundraising will come more naturally and easily if you help donors understand the impact of their gifts.
  • Look into matching gift programs. This is one of the easiest ways you can double or even triple your fundraising impact.
  • Reach your goal fast by starting a Facebook Fundraiser.

Clubs and Benefits

Celebrate important milestones as your team grows and raises more funds! From exclusive fundraising clubs to special Hike MS swag, we want to commemorate your hard work.