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Impact and Mission

No one has to face MS alone. Hike MS brings us together to cure MS for every single person—as fast as possible. Whether you hike, volunteer or donate, everyone has the power to change the world for people with MS. See the strength of our movement. 


No one should face MS alone

  • Funds raised through Hike MS support services like our MS Navigator, so everyone has what they need to take back control from MS. These highly skilled Navigators ensure over 50,000 people affected by MS receive in-depth, personalized support each year. From finding healthcare providers, prescription assistance, emotional resources and crisis intervention in times of need, MS Navigators are there to help and support.
  • We are expanding the reach of the MS movement. We have over 381,000 people who take part in Society events and have amplified the voices of 41, 182 MS activists to shape policy.
  • Our main website, NATIONALMSSOCIETY.ORG, is the world’s leading source of MS information. On our website, people affected by MS can get information, tools, support and connections to move their lives forward.

Building on over 75 years of progress

  • The National MS Society has paved for all MS treatment options that exist today and they have funded over $1.1 billion in research since 1946.
  • The National MS Society is the largest MS organization in the world, and we have created a global movement. Over 8.2 million people engage with the National MS Society each year. We continue to make progress by breaking down global barriers and bringing all perspectives to the table.
  • We have achieved more advances than the world has ever seen for any other neurological condition, and we have fundamentally reshaped life with MS. We now have dozens of effective treatments available, have set the standards for quick and accurate diagnosis and have also advanced the careers of over 1,000 MS researchers and healthcare providers.

Pathways to Cures

  • Pathways to Cures is the biggest, most collaborative MS research effort of our time with MS organizations and scientific leaders from across the globe agreeing that this is the way forward to stop MS, restore lost function and end MS forever. 
  • We will Stop MS in its tracks with by ending disease activity and preventing further progression for those who already have MS. We will Restore what’s been lost by repairing the nervous system and boosting rehabilitative approaches to restore function. 
  • We will End the disease forever by finding the cause of MS, understanding what triggers it, and protecting against it.