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Please join us on Team Everdine's to help raise money for MS Research!!! 

It is difficult to describe how MS affects each person, because the disease is so dynamic.  Everyone experiences it differently, some very severe.  For me, every morning I wake up and hope to be able to feel my knees or my feet or feel fully energized, but 3 plus years not much luck.  I struggle with how much I need to rest.  It affects every minute of every day, and some people have it much worse. I am so fortunate to have a strong family and family of friends that help us out, not everyone is as lucky as I truly am.  The more money we can give to the researchers, working hard on finding a cause of MS and then hopefully a cure or at least some effective treatments, the better.  Any help you can give is so appreciated, and if you can please forward to anyone you know who can help people living with MS that is appreciated as well.  Let’s get together and make a difference in the lives of many many people and their families!!!  Thank you very much ❤️✌️🌎

-Brian Herkert

At Walk MS, friends and family, loved ones, and the MS community, come together to demonstrate support and solidarity for people with MS—because no one should have to face this disease alone. 

We invite you to join our team and rally around those affected by this disease! As a member of our team, you'll get your very own fundraising page to help raise money and awareness for this amazing cause. Not to mention, you’ll be part of an inspiring new Walk MS experience and see the impact of your support in the lives of people with MS. 

Everyone at Walk MS plays a powerful role in the MS community, whether you live with MS or care about someone who does. I hope you will join us!




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