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Samantha Moran

Team Captain Team Moran Walk MS: Grand Rapids 2024


I’m walking toward a world free of MS!

Multiple Sclerosis is a wildly unpredictable disease. One day, I was a normal college student, worried about homework assignments and midterms. The next, I was sitting in the emergency room because my vision had split down the middle.

I was twenty when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Before my first attack, my only symptoms were headaches and fatigue. I had talked with my doctors and mentioned my concerns, but they told me my problem was anxiety.

Back then, no one wanted to listen. Today, I've been a diagnosed MS warrior for eleven years.

Each year, I participate in Walk MS with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to raise awareness of this life-changing condition, to help MS Warriors gain access to accommodations, and to help provide funds to research new medications and an eventual cure for this autoimmune disease.

Help me raise money for this great cause? Every penny goes a very long way. Can't donate? That's okay! You could also help spread awareness of this campaign! Eyes on the prize make a tremendous difference, too!

Thank you for lending me your ear. <3


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