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Walk Details

Walk Details

It’s Go Time

If you register for Walk MS: Your Way before March, you can participate in special It’s Go Time weeks – which you’ll learn more about via email and social media. These weeks will have you complete challenges to earn points to redeem at the Walk MS Rewards Store.

Earn a Fundraising T-shirt

When you raise $100, we’ll mail you an exclusive 2024 T-shirt to commemorate your hard work and dedication! Check out more prizes, clubs, and rewards Participants who raise $100 by the dates listed below will receive their t-shirts in the mail approximately 3-4 weeks after the fundraising deadline:

  • February 25, 2024 
  • March 24, 2024 
  • April 28, 2024 
  • June 30, 2024 
  • September 15, 2024 

Team T-shirts

Show your team pride by creating a customized team T-shirt before your event. The Society’s Walk MS T-shirt vendor will donate $1 back to your team for every T-shirt you order. Other team apparel is also available, so show your pride in style. Learn more

Living with MS

If you live with MS, join our Living with MS Program to receive a special Living with MS swag to raise awareness and show the world your resilience. Learn more

Walk MS 2024 Orange T-Shirt



Date and Time

While you can pick a date and time that works best for you, we recommend holding your Walk MS: Your Way event from March to June, when hundreds of Walk MS events will take place across the country. 


We recommend choosing a route or an activity that is accessible for mobility devices and offers options for everyone. 


Why does the website say my event date is September 30? Also, why does Walk MS: Your Way utilize a single date for events for each registration, versus reflecting the date the participant is going to do their Walk?  

  • The final day of fundraising for Walk MS is September 30 of each year. Since Walk MS: Your Way varies in event dates, we’ve chosen September 30 as the date for the entire campaign. It is a technological limit and currently we do not have a solution for individual event dates. We suggest people put all event details in the “Our Story” section of their fundraising page.  

Do I have to pick a date for my event when I’m signing up? What if I change my mind?  

  • You do not need to pick a date for your event when you register for Walk MS: Your Way, and if you change your event date later, that’s okay, too! It’s nice for staff to know when you’re celebrating so we can reach out to support you, and it’s okay with us if you’re unsure or it changes!  

Can Walk MS: Your Way events be held any day of the year or only during the typical Walk MS spring event season? 

  • Walk MS: Your Way is flexible, so you can celebrate anytime, anyway, anywhere. Our fiscal year ends September 30 each year and a new fundraising season starts October 1. It can be helpful to avoid fundraising efforts October 1 through November 15 during the fiscal year turnover. If a date during that time is needed, please reach out to Fundraising Support for options and information.

Can we choose to walk anywhere? 

  • Yes! We suggest participants find safe, accessible routes for their walk. Folks have walked on school tracks, inside gyms, on walking paths, in neighborhoods and have even climbed mountains for Walk MS: Your Way! 

How and when will I receive my T-shirt and Living with MS Buff for Walk MS: Your Way? 

  • Participants who raise $100 by the dates listed below will receive their t-shirts in the mail approximately 3-4 weeks after the fundraising deadline: 
    • February 25, 2024 
    • March 24, 2024 
    • April 28, 2024 
    • June 30, 2024 
    • September 15, 2024 

Does Walk MS: Your Way provide posters, signage, promotional items, Walk MS swag, and other supplies for participants hosting events? 

  • We are not able to provide financial support, signage, prizes or supplies for events. Please visit the Toolkit Page for shareable graphics and download you can customize for your event.

Do you have any brochures or information about multiple sclerosis I can set out/share at my event? 

Can someone from the Society attend and help support my event in person? 

  • We are always happy to share your event information with local staff and do our best to see if they are available to support your celebration! Many times, our staff is dedicated to in-person events during the spring season, but we will always consider the opportunity to support our participants! 

How can I encourage people in my community to join my team?

  • We believe personal asks and relational invitations are the best way to engage the community. Inviting your friend/family and asking them to invite their friend/family, and networking is going to be the best way to get folks involved. Other ideas include: 
    • Asking local media to share your story and passion for the MS Movement and raise awareness about MS and your event. 
    • Share with your local community organizations and ask them to support you with involvement and giving. 
    • Ask local banks, grocers, and other businesses to participate in a Walk MS pin-up campaign to raise awareness and funds.
    • Share videos and content on social media talking about your event and why you are supporting Walk MS. 
Walk MS 2024 Orange T-Shirt

Walk MS: Your Way unlocks the same incredible prizes and rewards for your passion and dedication. Earn points to redeem for prizes for every dollar you raise and join exclusive fundraising clubs!

Learn more about more prizes, clubs, and rewards

Walk MS 2024 Orange T-Shirt

Asking for in-kind donations from local businesses is a great way to invite your community into the MS Movement! Some common requests from other Walk MS participants include: 

    • Banners and yard signs from your local print shop 
    • Hot chocolate, coffee, and/or pastries from a local coffee shop
    •  Balloon arches from an event planning company 
    • And so much more!  

It never hurts to ask, and folks love to be included in doing good for their community. Be sure to thank them and share about their generosity with donors! 

Use our Fundraising Letter Template to request in-kind donations from your community. Here is an impact report that shows the MS Breakthroughs we’ve achieved with the revenue raised by events like Walk MS: Your Way. 

Many businesses are also willing to donate gift cards or items to community events. Below are a handful of organizations nationwide that provide gift cards or other forms of financial support to fundraisers.

Walk MS 2024 Orange T-Shirt

Still have questions? We are here to help!

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