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What is Stream to End MS?

Stream to End MS brings together content creators to broadcast what they love on their favorite streaming platforms and encourage followers to donate and support the National MS Society. Streaming includes but is not limited to gaming, online karaoke, fitness, sports, cooking, crafting and art and more – the possibilities are endless!

What sites are currently supported by Stream to End MS?

  • Twitch — a video live streaming service operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. It is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love.
  • YouTube — an easy way to reach your community in real time. It features both live and on-demand video game content, news, reviews, playthroughs, and more.

Who can participate?

Anyone over the age of 13 (or 12 and under with parental guidance and support) can sign up to host an online event through Stream to End MS. Stream participants and event attendees can be any age.

What can I do during my live stream?

You are welcome to host whatever content you choose, from playing video games to singing karaoke! Whatever you do, choose something that you’d be comfortable streaming in front our constituents and their families. We do ask that you do follow a few simple rules:

  • No profanity, bigoted or sexually explicit language or visuals
  • No Illegal drugs or paraphernalia
  • No streaming while intoxicated

What else is important to know about hosting my own event?

Streaming events must also adhere to the community guidelines of the respective streaming platform. All events benefitting the National MS Society must provide a welcoming environment for viewers, free of harmful or negative interactions.

How much does it cost to get started?

Registration for Stream to End MS is free! The Society will provide tools and support to help make a streaming event successful. 

What happens after someone starts a Stream to End MS Event?

Most successful charity streams need some advanced planning. We encourage content creators to select a date (or a series of dates) at least a month in advance in order to give them plenty of time to hype up the event, nail down plans and promote it to their networks. To begin, we recommend that creators set a meaningful donation goal, create incentives for donors and participants, and promote the event on a central place like a personal Twitch, Facebook, YouTube or Tiltify page. Connect your platform with a site like Streamlabs, OBS Studios or Streamyard, which are free and opensource software options for video recording and live streaming.

Stream to End MS encourages all participants to carry out the “Authentic Five Requests”

  1. Sign-up to host a streaming event on the Stream to End MS DonorDrive page or through the Society’s charity portal on Tiltify and link it to your preferred streaming account on Twitch, YouTube, etc. Apply Society-approved toolkits, guidelines, branding, overlays (png logos, properly-sized images, etc.)
  2. Connect your streaming account with Streamlabs/OBS Studios to activate extra functionality
  3. Add milestones, polls, rewards, shout-outs for donors
  4. Promote streams with gaming companies and personal networks
  5. Encourage connections with other streamers! Set up raids of each other’s streams and increase viewership/exposure to potential donors. Additionally, encourage others to host your stream on their platform when they are not active.

How do I fundraise through streaming?

Streaming-based fundraising empowers content creators to raise valuable funds and awareness through web-based performances. Supporters can contribute to your fundraiser for any measurable goal or milestone during a live event. Streams can last for a couple of hours or even a couple of days! When and how you stream is up to you.

You can set up your fundraising page through our DonorDrive page or on Tiltify.

Where does the money go?

The money you raise for Stream to End MS funds services and research aimed at helping people affected by MS live their best lives as we end MS forever. Learn More

Are donations tax-deductible?

The National MS Society is a 501(c)(3) organization so all gifts are tax-deductible as permitted by law.

Additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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