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Fundraising Toolkit

Tools you can use to become a fundraising all-star

Fundraising Toolkit 

With every dollar you raise, you raise up someone living with MS and their supporters, helping make life with MS a little easier. So, we’ve helped make reaching your fundraising goal (and beyond!) a breeze with the right resources. From videos, to guides and everything in between, use these tools to become a fundraising powerhouse.

Fundraising Center Guide

Learn how to get the most out of your Fundraising Center with this helpful fundraising guide. Then, check out how to update your fundraising page, update your story from a previous event and add incentives.

Launch a Linked Facebook Fundraiser

Last year, Walk MS participants raised nearly $4 million through Facebook Fundraisers alone.

Set Up During Registration: As you’re completing your event registration, click the “Connect Fundraiser to Facebook” button. 

Set Up After Registration: Log in to your Fundraising Center and click on the Create a Facebook Fundraiser link below your progress bar. Click here for step-by-step setup instructions. 

NEW DonorDrive App Guide

Learn how to use your NEW DonorDrive app to its fullest potential. Click the image to download the full guide.

Image of the mobile app activity tracking guide

Note: The previous app will not function for 2024 events, so you must download the DonorDrive app. iPhone | Android

Mobile App Download for AppleMobile App Download for Google

Team Captain Guide

Everything you need to know as a Team Captain to get you ready for success. Click the image to download the full guide.

Image of Team Captain Guide Cover

Set a Goal & Plan

Set a fundraising goal and make a plan for how to get there. Click the image to download the full-size worksheet.

image of the team goal-setting worksheet

Tell Others about Walk MS

Let others know you are fundraising. Click the image to download the full-size worksheet.

image of the know your networks worksheet



Blue and Purple interlocking letter D's
Download the NEW DonorDrive App

Take Walk MS with you anywhere you go! The new DonorDrive app is a powerful tool that will help you fundraise, track your steps, easily deposit checks and more for all Society events. Download it today to let your passion shine by connecting with donors and easy-to-use fundraising tools from the palm of your hand.

App Store Icon Google Play Icon

Note: The previous app will not function for 2024 events, so you must download the DonorDrive app.

Install the NEW DonorDrive App 

  • If you have the previous Walk MS app, remove it from your device(s) — it will not work for 2024 events.
  • Search “DonorDrive app” through the Google Play or Apple App stores or click the icons above and tap download. 
  • Open the app and tap “GET STARTED”. 
  • Search for “MS” at the top search bar.
  • Select National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). 
  • Tap “LOG IN” and use the email address and password when you registered. You can also choose "FIND AN EVENT" to search and register for an event.
  • Select Walk MS (note: any 2024 Society event you have registered for will also appear on screen) 

Track Your Steps 

Integrate your miles walked into your fundraising by encouraging your donors to pledge $1 for every mile you walk. Track your activity leading up to Walk MS and the day of the event to keep your team and donors updated and excited about your fundraising progress.

  • Tap the “You” icon at the bottom of the app. 
  • You’ll see your goals and current total activity, as well as your current streak and longest streak on your progress screen. 
    • If you have an activity tracker: 
      • Provide authorization for the app to sync to your activity data. If you cannot sync all your activity data, go to your phone’s settings to allow full access. 
      • If your activity tracking device/app (like a FitBit or Garmin) is connected to your Apple Health, Google Fit or Strava, your activity data will automatically upload into the app. 
    • If you do not have an activity tracker: 
      • Go to your DonorDrive app, where you can manually record your activity by clicking the orange “Log Activity” button and then entering your distance in the first field. 
      • After you’ve entered your miles, select the date of the activity and enter a description. Tap “Save” and you will have logged your activity! 


The app makes it easy to fundraise on the go! Deposit checks, post to social media and text and email right from your phone's contacts.  

Enter Donations 

It’s easier than ever to enter donations.

  • Click the “Make a Donation” icon at the bottom of the app.
  • Complete donation via instructions. 

Earn Badges 

Earn badges for your accomplishments! You’ll get badges for reaching special milestones, like hitting 50% of your fundraising goal or updating your Fundraising Center. See how many you can earn! 

Download the DonorDrive App Guide



Add customized Walk MS images and graphics to your social media channels, email signatures and more. Check out this Social Media Toolkit for sample posts and images to personalize and share on your social media pages.

Cover Photos

Download full-size images.

cover photo option 1 cover photo option 2 cover photo option 3


Profile Pictures

Download full-size images.

profile pic option 1 profile pic - team captain profile pic - living with MS profile pic - top fundraiser profile pic - volunteer


Email Signatures

Download full-size images.

Email signature 1

Email signature 2

Email signature 3

If you would like to link your fundraising page to your email signature image, please follow these steps:

  1. Load the image to your email signature.
  2. Right click on the image and select “link”.
  3. Next, enter the link of your personal fundraising page.
  4. Hit Save or OK

Fundraising Images 

Suggested Post Copy:
Will you help me reach my fundraising goal for Walk MS? With your support, I can get all the way there, and together, we can make sure no one has to face MS alone. Give now at: [link to your fundraising page]

Download full-size images.

25% to goal 50% to goal halfway to goal
75% to goal so close to hitting my goal thank you for your support - reached my goal


Fundraising Activities

Suggested Post Copy:
MS doesn’t stop, and neither will we! Help me reach my fundraising goal and get us closer to a cure. Donate to my fundraiser to get in on the action: [link to your fundraising page]

Try out these fun activities to fundraise! Download full-size images.

Walk MS 50 States Challenge Walk MS Adopt a Sticker Walk MS Bingo

Recruitment Images 

Suggested Post Copy:
I’m excited to share that I’ll be participating in Walk MS to help the nearly 1 million people in the U.S. living with multiple sclerosis! Join me and let’s end MS for good. Register at: [insert link to your walk location page]

Download full-size images.

join my team join me at Walk MS Together, we'll go further


What is MS 

Suggested Post Copy:
Walk MS is a powerful demonstration of why it’s so important for people living with MS to be surrounded by the care and understanding of their support system. You can be a part of that. Join me at: [insert link to your walk location page]


Download full-size images.

Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50 The national MS Society funds cutting-edge research, drives change through advocacy Symptoms vary from person to person and range from numbness or tingling to walking difficulties MS affects nearly 1 million people in the united states



Download full-size images.

Stream starting soon Thank you for watching Be right back



Download full-size images.

overlay - left aligned overlay - top aligned overlay - bottom aligned


Background Images (for Zoom and Microsoft Teams)

Download full-size images.

social image 1 social image 2 social image 3
social image 4 social image 5 social image 6


Impact Images

Suggested Post Copy:
When you donate to my Walk MS fundraiser, you're making a lasting impact that brings us one step closer to the ultimate goal: a cure. Support my fundraiser now: [insert link to your fundraising page]

Download full-size images.

Event participants and fundraising total - impact image International Progressive MS Alliance - impact image MS activists - impact image 8 million people connect with the Society - impact image
Society-organized online communities and self-help groups - impact image MS Navigator program - impact image MS Navigator financial support - impact image MS research - impact image Treatment options - impact image people living with MS in US - impact image


Social Images

Download full-size images.

walk web fr toolkit social image 1 walk web fr toolkit social image 2

Want to show off the Walk MS 'Why'? Need help explaining what MS is? These videos will get the job done.

Walk MS Video

Show your friends and family what Walk MS is all about – this video helps your community understand why you walk for Walk MS.


What Is MS?

Need help describing what MS is? This 3-minute video helps breakdown the disease and will help your viewer understand why you are walking.


MS Awareness - My MS Moment

Show the many ways people are affected by MS. Each MS Awareness – My MS Moment video lets the viewer see how different each MS story really is.   


View more MS Awareness videos.

New this year, we have super cool downloadable posters that you can print to help with your recruiting efforts.
Download Full Size Images

Team Poster Team Poster Together, we'll go further Walk MS Team Thermometer Poster Preview


You can also contact your local Walk MS staff to order trading cards for a unique way to attract new team members.

Check out our Team Captain Guide and Team Goal Setting Worksheet for more invaluable information on how to make this the most successful Walk MS yet!

Click the image to download the full guide.

Image of Team Captain Guide Cover

Click the image to download the full-size worksheet.

image of the team goal-setting worksheet

Contact Us

We're here for you every step of the way! Our Fundraising Support team can help with everything from navigating online tools to managing your donations. Give them a call at 855-372-1331 or email

Screenshot from the DonorDrive Charity Fundraising App

Fundraising made easier with our NEW DonorDrive App

We have a brand-new app this year! Download the NEW DonorDrive app to connect to Walk MS and access exclusive features that will level-up your fundraising. Quickly deposit checks, easily create and share QR codes, track your fundraising progress, ask for donations and more from the palm of your hand.

DonorDrive Charity Fundraising App
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DonorDrive Charity Fundraising App

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