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How Challenge Walk MS® Works


Choose from 3 iconic event locations for a 3-day, 50-mile challenge fueled by grit, love and a community that won’t stop until we end MS for good.


Through their incredible fundraising, participants and volunteers have raised over $85 million through Challenge Walk MS to end MS forever.


You’ll feel the difference you’re making for people with MS with every step you take, every blister you earn and every mile you walk. 

Go the extra mile (or 50) for a world free of MS

See the Experience


Sue’s Challenge Walk MS journey began in 2003 and she has been dedicated to participating ever since. See how her commitment is making a real difference.

Every mile is worth it for a cure – and views.

From orchards, ocean views to lighthouses, spend a weekend in a beautiful setting to stomp out MS forever.

Sarah, diagnosed 2008

After being diagnosed with MS, Sarah was gifted with registration to Challenge Walk MS. Read more about why she feels this gift was priceless.

A community fueled by grit and love

You’d go to the ends of the earth if it meant ending MS – and tackling 50 miles over 3 days is no easy feat. But with a passionate community by your side, every blister and every mile is worth it.

Pathways to Cures

Every dollar you raise at Challenge Walk MS fuels research toward a cure – like Pathways to Cures.


Sue has been a part of Challenge Walk MS for 18 years now. Learn more about her passion to support those affected by MS.


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