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Bike MS is the largest fundraising cycling series in the world. Each year, nearly 50,000 cyclists and more than 5,000 teams ride together to change the world for people with MS. With the fundraising support of each cyclist, The National MS Society can continue their work of tackling the complex challenges of MS — from one-to-one MS Navigator support, advocacy that drives systemic change to a network of resources and information that helps people affected by MS feel more in control and less alone.

Each ride in the Bike MS series has a unique local flair while maintaining a consistently well-organized, supportive and extraordinary experience. Whether you’re a casual, novice or experienced cyclist, you’ll feel right at home at Bike MS.

How Bike MS Works infographic includes 6 steps with decorative icons. 1. Find your ride 2. Register 3. Join or start a team 4. Train and Fundraise 5. Get on the route 6. Celebrate a world free of MS

Find Your Ride

Bike MS has 50 rides across the US with experiences that are unique to each ride, not to mention two amazing rides that have been named best road cycling events by USA Today.

From your local community to the streets of New York City, rides along the coast of California, to the breathtaking farmlands in the Mid-West and more —your ride will be unforgettable, and your impact will be huge. 


Find Your Ride


Join us for the ride of a lifetime! You can specify if you are a first-time rider and/or live with MS while registering to join special programs that come with extra support. Learn more about the Rookie Riders program on your event-specific page and read more about our I Ride with MS program. We love seeing families ride together, and anyone over 12 years of age is welcome to join us.


Join or Start a Team

You can ride as an individual, but Bike MS is more meaningful and fun with a team by your side to share in the experience. Teams can consist of anyone — from friends and family to co-workers. You can start your own team, or search for and join an existing one.

Learn About Teams

Not Ready to Register Yet? Stay Connected! 

We understand that devoting your time to a cycling event is a big commitment! Even if you might not be ready to register today, we encourage you to fill out our brief form interest form with any inquiries or questions you might have for us. Once you fill it out, a Bike MS staff member will reach out to you shortly after.  

I'm Interested

Train & Fundraise

Bike MS kicks off as soon as you register — then it’s time to train and fundraise.

Experience levels, and what event day will look like for you, will always vary depending on the person. Routes range between 15 to 150 miles and the duration of Bike MS events can be single day, two day or multi-day rides. Training for the ride is a rewarding experience, especially with support from the Bike MS community along the way:

All rides have a fundraising minimum that powers our mission to end MS forever. We’ll help you reach your fundraising goals and stay motivated with challenges and incentives:

Get on the Route

We’re here to prepare you to pedal – with info on everything from staying safe on the road, to what to wear and pack.

All Bike MS routes are fully supported with Support and Gear Vehicles that provide mechanical and medical assistance. Routes also feature rest stops every 8 to 12 miles, complete with food and drinks to keep you fueled.

Looking for more information on what types of bikes are allowed at Bike MS? E-bikes and recumbent bikes are welcomed at Bike MS events contingent on local guidelines and regulations. Please be sure to review the Ride Details page of your specific ride for local
guidelines and regulations.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Crossing the finish line at Bike MS is something that can’t be described — it’s something you have to experience. 

What we can tell you is that you’ll be met with thunderous applause. Each person waiting for you at the finish line is there to make sure you understand what a huge moment this is. Because crossing that line is so many things: it’s the training you put in, the hours you put towards your fundraising and, the most important part, raising critical awareness and funds for the National MS Society. Bike MS raises more money than any other cycling event for any other cause — changing the world for people with MS, one mile at a time.

Jonathan Andrews Riding Along the Road

"I had a great time my first year doing Bike MS. My company is involved in the yearly Bay to Bay ride, it is something I look forward to each year. It's a beautiful ride from Irvine to Carlsbad and an amazing experience to be riding alongside so many other riders who are all there to support a great cause."

"The Bike MS event is probably the most organized event that I have participated in. There are several rest stops along the way and people cheering you on as you ride by. Everyone involved in the event is super friendly and helpful. The overall vibe of the event is great!"

 -   Jonathan Andrews, Bike MS: Bay to Bay



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