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We're cycling toward a world free of MS.

Our Why

Just in case you didn’t knowe are a 501(c)(3) organization and have a driving philanthropic goal to help fight the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. To this end, we sponsor rides and raise funds for the Greater Carolinas Chapter of the National MS Society, culminating annually at the MS150 ride in New Bern. To date, we have raised over $1.5 million to help find a cure for MS and have been the top fundraising team for several years at this event.

While our name is Team CBC (Cyclists Building Community), perhaps we should call it Club CBC. We are an open cycling group made up of cyclists of all ability levels. But, we are a teaa team of people sharing the joys and camaraderie of group cycling and working together to help fight MS and other philanthropic ends.

Our Philosophy

Truly we have a mindset of being a strong advocate for road cycling in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The more people we encourage to ride, the greater the presence cyclists have on the roads and ultimately an increased ability to positively impact legislative actions that benefit cyclists. And in the meantime, the health of our local population increases with the higher fitness levels of local riders. 



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