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Top Fundraising Clubs – Club K and Club 25

In addition to the prizes and incentives offered to all Bike MS participants at different fundraising levels, there are unique local benefits for Club K and Club 25 members at Bike MS: Oklahoma. 

Club K members are fundraisers who raise over $1,000 for Bike MS. These over-achievers receive VIP experience pieces during event weekend, including a VIP prize package, free massages, extra free drinks, and our brand-new art deco-themed 2023 Top Fundraiser jersey (shown below)!

Club 25 is composed of the Top 25 Fundraisers from the previous year of Bike MS: Oklahoma. Together, Club 25 members raised an astounding $89,000 during last year's ride! The breakthroughs and support driven by the National MS Society would not be possible without this incredible support. Congratulations to all Club 25 members, including the top five fundraisers from 2022: 

1. Mark McLean
2. Sami Bowen
3. Cherri Thomas
4. Ed O'Brien
5. Mark Collins

In addition to the VIP perks extended to Club K members, Club 25 members receive free registration for next year’s ride, recognition during event weekend, and the option for personal delivery of ride packets! Go the extra mile and aim for Club 25 this year! Note that fundraising club ranks are not determined until 8 weeks after the event, so even once you’ve finished riding, the fundraising and prizes roll on.

2023 Top Fundraiser Jersey

Raise $1,000+ to receive the 2023 art-deco Top Fundraiser jersey from Primal at Bike MS: Oklahoma!

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