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Walk MS

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A cure is on the line.

Walk MS unites the MS community in the largest gathering of its kind to raise funds and make a difference for everyone living with MS.


Whether you live with MS, love someone who does or are part of the wider community, at Walk MS you can proudly display your role in the movement and be celebrated for the important part you play.

How to Participate

Walk to End MS

Learn how Walk MS brings us together to rally for those affected by MS because a cure is on the line.


Register for one of our in-person events or participate virtually through our Walk MS: Your Way option.


Ask your family, friends and colleagues to support your efforts by donating to fuel cutting-edge research.

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Your Impact

No one has to face MS alone

Funds raised through Walk MS support programs and services – like MS Navigator® – so everyone has what they need to take back control from MS.

No one has to face MS alone

Our compassionate, highly skilled MS Navigators ensure no one faces this disease alone. Each year, 50,000 people affected by MS receive in-depth, personalized support from MS Navigators to help them tackle the unique challenges of MS – including finding healthcare providers, prescription assistance, emotional support resources and crisis intervention in times of need. 

Darrin, Diagnosed 2007

"Yes, I have this condition. Will you help me fight it? Can you help me raise funds? Can you help me spread the word?" Walk MS has allowed me to reach out to a circle that I never knew that I had. When you just ask the question, it's amazing how people just rally around you and uplift you, and make you just feel like, "Let's go do some more."

Darrin, Diagnosed 2007

As men, we're taught to be strong, rub it off, not talk about things that may be affecting us in an adverse way because we may be seen as weak or can't handle it. The circles of support, as I started reaching out to other people about what I was going through, it's amazing how people rallied around me to support me. 


Building on more than 75 years of progress

The National MS Society has paved the way for all MS treatment options that exist today and funded over $1.1 billion in research since 1946.

Building on more than 75 years of progress

Walk MS participants have played a critical role in fueling research and treatment by raising over $1 billion since the event’s inception. See how this passionate community continues to bring us one step closer toward a cure. Learn more >

Rosa, Diagnosed 2021

My circle of support is important because it makes me feel safe. It makes me feel secure. It makes me feel like somebody has my back. My circle of support is actually my family, my very close friends and I rely on them a lot.

Rosa, Diagnosed 2021

Walk MS is like walking into a world that you belong to. I feel like I walk in a world where I don't belong because not everybody around me has MS. I feel like not everybody understands. So, walking into Walk MS, it's a whole different world, and you feel like you belong, you feel like you can connect with everybody else and it's a great feeling.

Pathways to Cures

Pathways to Cures is the biggest, most collaborative MS research effort of our time with MS organizations and scientific leaders from across the globe agreeing that this is the way forward to stop MS, restore lost function and end MS forever.

Pathways to Cures

Just as the experience of living with MS is different for every person, every person’s cure for MS may look different. The National MS Society is uniting the brightest minds – including MS organizations, scientists, donors and people living with MS across the world – to pursue the most promising research to reach these cures as fast as possible.

Heidi, Diagnosed 2009

I'm very blessed with my circle of support. From day one, I've had a tremendous amount of friends, family and coworkers who have been there, who have lent an ear, donated money, stood beside me and been there no matter what.

Heidi, Diagnosed 2009

I find so much joy giving back to others and helping to bring awareness of MS because there's so much that people don't know. Where it is now from where it was 20, 30, 40 years ago is so vastly different.

Together We Are Stronger

Thank You to Our National Sponsors

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Bristol Myers Squibb is proud to support the MS community and return as a National Sponsor in 2024.

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EMD Serono is committed to supporting the MS community and proud to return as a National Sponsor of Walk MS!

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We thank Genentech as they proudly return for the 9th year as a National Sponsor of Walk MS!

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Proud to walk with the MS Community for the 13th consecutive year!

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